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INFRA.LU is a brand of the company ITech28 SARL.
We are architects of innovation, masters of simplification and partners dedicated to making your business shine in the digital world.
Our main domains of activity
Private cloud

SaaS - PaaS - IaaS

Software - Platform - Infrastructure
as a service
Ad hoc
development & mission

Infrastructure management

The company

ITech28 is a young company focused on the specific needs of its customers.

The company was born from the grouping of two experienced and dynamic IT specialists each specialized in particular fields, which allows them to cover all the demands of the market.

ITech28 offers a wide range of solutions that will meet your most demanding requests, whether in the area of system administration (Windows, Mac and Linux), specific development (business applications, websites, ...) , management of computer equipment and services, support in your various projects, hardware, ...

With more than 40 years of experience from its founders, ITech28 will make your life easier, increase your efficiency and reduce your costs.

They trust us
Website development
Private cloud and software (SaaS)
Feltes Promotion
ERP development
Private cloud and software (SaaS)
Confédération Européenne de Volleyball
Private cloud (PaaS)
Website development
Private cloud and software (SaaS)
Mäi Wëllen, Mäi Wee
Agence Schommer
Fifty-One Fôret d'Anlier
Les écuries de la Haute Semois

And many more ...
ITech28 SÀRL
13, rue des Prés
L-8826 Perlé

Contact us
contact [at] itech28 [dot] eu
Tel: +352 621 473 530
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